Our NOKCHAWON GREEN TEA LATTE tastes very good. It can be served as a coffee substitution, and also it has additional health benefits of calcium from the milk besides the green tea. It is convenient instant type, can be served with both hot and cold water 

Direction for Use : For one serving, put 1 sachet into a teacup, add fresh hot water (80~90℃,80ml) or iced water(milk). Stir well and enjoy.


Health Effects of Green tea

Weight loss - Green tea can increase your metabolism, therefore it helps you burn fat and lose weight much faster. One of the reasons why green tea boosts the burning of calories is because it contains a special ingredient called catechin that prevents free-radicals from damaging your body after a heavy workout

Anti-aging effect - One of the latest benefits of green tea is on our skin and the aging process.Green tea contains antioxidants that protect you from free-radicals and slowdown the aging process. So it does not only help you lose fat but makesyou look younger as well.

Immune system boost - Catechins boost the activity of the gamma delta T cells that form part of ouradaptive and inate immunity. Also, green tea regulates and inhibits cancergrowth by killing cells that are growing inappropriately. Drinking one cup ofgreen tea a day may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.

Tooth decay prevention - Fluoride is found in green tea which helps to protect against cavities so it isused to kill the bacteria that causes plaque on our teeth.

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