PT. Gracia Indo Utama is a company that engaged in trading and distribution of imported and local Indonesian products since 2007, majoring in food and beverages products. We are currently appointed by several largest companies in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, America and Europe to import and distribute their products to Indonesia, such as; Prima Taste for Laksa Lamien Noodle, Kwangcheonkim Co Ltd for KIMNORI Seaweed Snacks, Nokchawon Co Ltd for tea beverages, Interbrown Co Ltd for fruit drinks, Sapporo Ramen Snack, Jane-Jane Shredded Squid Snack and Hong Da Ma for milk tea. We also distribute various NongShim Noodles & Snacks, SamYang Hot Chicken Ramen and Curry Cheese Ramen, Ottogi Cheese Ramen, Lotte Ice Cream, HaiTai Ice Cream, Binggrae Ice Cream, Binggrae Beverages, Ovomaltine Chocolate Spread, Lotus Speculoos Crunchy and Original Spread, Old Wessex Oat Cereal, and various Peanut Butter Spread from Peanut Butter & Co for Jakarta city, West Java, Central Java, East Java, South Sulawesi and Bali provinces which are located in Indonesia. In addition, we distribute several local products such as Crispy Roll, Cashew Peanuts, and Snack Crackers.

In a relatively short period, we have established reliable and strong local distributions throughout Indonesia. Our distribution network includes various leading retail stores in Indonesia such as Food Hall, Hypermart, Hero, Kem Chicks, Market City, Ranch Market, Farmers Market, All Fresh, Total Fruit, Rezeki, Papaya, Jakarta Fruit Market, Alfa Mart, Indo Mart, Family Mart, Seven Eleven, Star Mart, Giant, Lotte Mart, PONGS, Diamond Supermarket, Lawson, Bali Deli, Hypermart, Setiabudi Supermarket, Grand Lucky, Duta Buah, etc. Furthermore, we serve hundreds of Shops, Restaurants, and Schools nationwide resulting in an increase in our sales volume from time to time.

Our aim is to constantly sourced more variety of local and overseas products which are suitable for Indonesian market and our society’s preferences. We have a strong confidence that other products will gain the same success in our distribution network. .

Moreover, we are currently processing an import permit from Indonesian Food and Drug Control agencies for importing various new products from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Germany and other countries. We will start to distribute those products to our distribution channels following the granted permit.

PT Gracia Indo Utama always welcome our customers valuable feedbacks in order to achieve satisfaction in distribution and serving good quality food with enjoyable tastes.

Vision & Mission

VISION : : In our goal to become a market leader of a trading company, we will create links and business relationships with suppliers around the globe.

MISSION : Our mission is to raise an awareness of high quality imported products to Indonesian society. It will be our part to fulfill customers needs and stimulating their wants of imported products. We are offering our customers a world-class imported products.

Office & Warehouse


Retail Stores

Welcome to PT Gracia Indo Utama, try our new products: Abe Food Popcorn For Kids, Abe Food Thin Crispy Brownies, Abe Food Tempy (Tempe Crispy), Kokobi Yummy Baked Rice Puff, Prima Taste Lamian Noodles, Sapporo Ramen Snack, The Best Selling Feliz Green Tea Almond Milk Spread, Feliz Choco & Cookie, Feliz Green Tea Milk Spread, Abe Food Popcorn For Kids Cheese, Choco, Sweet Butter dan Caramelo